Thursday, February 09, 2006

last melon man pic


More Trip-Dick

In case you were wondering what the sketches looked like, here they are as well as more shots of the finished piece.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


One or two more melon man pics and some more pics of the Trip-dick piece I posted several posts down. It was a three piece sculpture I did of three interlocking figures. It was very challenging to sculpt each figure so that it interacted with the other ones. I was more or less successful. I knew I shoulda paid more attention in Algerbra.

Mo' Melon Man

See, I told ya the 'hat' was removable...

watermelon man

Over the years I've kept coming back to this image of a black man busting out of a watermelon. Make of it what you will. I've done paintings, drawings and even sculptural reliefs of it, but I've never done a full sculpture til now. I did the sketch and just cranked through until I finished it or else I'd have stopped to take pictures of the work in progress like I had planned to when I started this blog to chart my artistic process. Oh, well. Anyway, here's the sketch and here's the finished piece. Oh, and the 'hat' is removable. Now I'm in the midst of doing sketches for whatever piece that begs me to create it. I'm open to suggestions. And how....

Finished Pieces (no pun intended)

Here are the finished pieces created from the sketch a few posts down below. I wish I had a better digital camera to take these. But until then, the cel phone will have to do. Not bad for a cellie, I guess. Until then, enjoy!