Sunday, October 08, 2006


Hey, while selling these at the Tom of Finland art show this weekend, I suddendly got the bright idea to offer them to you kind folks! Ok, I'm not the most entrepreneurial artist ever....Better late then never! Just click on the custom t-shirt thingie down below and order! Pretty simple. I saw a person who had bought this shirt last year and had washed it mutiple times and it looked great still, so I know they're of high quality. The great thing about this Zazzle thing is that you order the tee-shirt from THEM, and then they send me my cut. I don't have to worry about shipping and Fed-Ex and all that madness. If this works for all concerned, I'll do some calendars and whatnot. I already have ideas about more shirts I can do.

Finally an Update...!

So I'm a bad poster...i know, I know....Little did I know when I decided to start a blog that when you do so, you become like a whore who owes a pimp, no matter how busy life gets or how sore you get, you betta put out or the kids will tell you about it! Ok, so here is 1/4 of a story I've done that will someday be included in "Brothers of New Essex 2".Whenever THAT This story features a new character I came up with, kind of a freaky MENSA member/genius with nastiness on his mind. Hope y'all don't mind the copyright splashed across the top, but y'know there are pirates out in these here internet waters..I'll be posting more this month and next since things have slowed down for me in other areas of life. Oh, the Tom of Finland Erotic Art show was a blast as always here in L.A. I'll hopefully be attending the one in N.Y. in May, if so, I'll let ya'll know...take care