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Three New in Old Style...

Here are some more recent drawings I've done in my old style. I've been trying to merge my newer stylized drawings in with the old Marvel comics style stuff that was my 'claim to fame' (ha!)but without much luck. Being a gemini, I'm of two distinct and separate minds and my artwork seems to follow suit. For straight up raunchy get-yo-dick-rock-hard, the Marvel comics straight style seems to work best if the reaction in my pants to drawing these were any indication. While I think the more stylized drawings and sketches I've done are less threatening and feel more like fine art. Who knows? I don't allow myself to make value judgements on what I should or shouldn't be focusing on. I'll just follow my muse(s) where they lead.

Ok, ok, all that I just said was bullshit. I got bored drawing stylized arsty fartsy and decided to go back to the 'old neighborhood' and get in some trouble. We've all gone back to the wrong side of the tracks every now and then when our current lives become a bit too settled, right? Anyway, the first one is a Belasco-ized drawing of my friend Rodney who posed for me recently. Typically, if someone is kind enough to pose for me, in exchange for their services I do a drawing of them in my hyper-erotic Belasco style.

This drawing with Boo is what I did for him as payment. Any models in the Los Angeles area who are about their business and are willing to pose for artwork, hit me up. Serious inquiries only!

The second drawing is the reappearance of our old friend, Principal (Hard) Knox. Those of you new to the blog will find some earlier entries that feature him. Anyway, I figured with all the folks in the news fuckin'up, why not do some cartoons with Hard Knox punishing the offender? It doesn't hurt that a lot of the fuck-ups are hot as hell to boot. Currently, I can't find anyone who's fucked up his life worse than Michael Vick (well, not counting our so-called Commander-in-Chief in the White House but he's fuckin' up OUR lives). So here is what I hope will be a regular installment of Principal Hard Knox beatin' the shit out of a fool who's fucked up. First up: Mr. You Wouldn't Treat a Dog like That Michael Vick. Enjoy!

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Back to Work....Sigh

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving...and thanks to all those who answered the poll!