Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Art of Kalabro

The sexy sketch of Boo was done by fellow erotic artist, Kalabro. I met Kalabro many moons ago, under circumstances my memory can't seem to dredge up, but he's a terrific artist who puts the 'k' in kink. I had lost track of his other website he had back in the day, but I recently discovered he has a blog! It's always cool to discover an artist who's exploring a niche from a different angle and Kalabro is definitely deep into the bondage, S&M, and fetish end of the pool. His stuff makes me blush! For those of you who think my imagery is a bit vanilla (and I know you are...), then Kalabro's stuff is definitely up your alley. Kalabro's work is very visceral and can smell the sweat! Anyway, give his blog a view and tell him 'B' sent that would be me. Belasco? ok. cool. Jus' checkin'.