Friday, April 11, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

It's 'Bout Time...

Hey,all...didn't mean to leave y'all hangin' for so long. I can't believe how long I've not blogged. Life has been very busy of late. I had a couple of commissions to finish, take a trip to N.Y. for some R&R, and other stuff. New York was wonderful as always...saw three plays in three days, "CryBaby"(flawed, but fun), "Gypsy"(wow!), and "Young Frankenstein"(loved the movie and the play was just about as good...a must see!). No, I didn't get to the all black "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof",and there are other plays besides "Color Purple"....Next trip, I promise.
A highlight of the trip was finally meeting a talented erotica artist, Anthony Gonzalez, who's work made even me blush. I learned about his work through the Anti-Heroes blog of J.C. Etheredge (see links bar for his wonderful site.) Anthony is crazy gifted with the pen and pencils and was kind enough to invite me to a weekly sketch session they have at the Gay and Lesbian Center in the Village. I will be posting the wonderful drawing Anthony gave me as well as the drawings I did from the figure sketch session soon. He also showed me around the prestigious Leslie-Lohman gallery for gay art. There were some fantastic pieces in there...(on the walls, I mean...)
Anyway, a fun weekend except for the lousy flea bag hotel I stayed in (and I DO mean fleas!). Anyone travelling to N.Y. and want to stay in the Times Square area, I strongly urge you to avoid The Paramount on 46th. It is a bug-infested, dirty dump these days.
Anyway, on with the show....I promise to get around to coloring these someday...