Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poppa or Papi?

Wow...Three posts in three days? Go figure. Anyway this is me experimenting with a slightly cartoonier style. Let me know if you like it, 'kay?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Uptown Brown

Here's a lil sumthin I did recently when I had tons of other shit I ought to have been doing....Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guess Who? BOOOOOO!

This is a sculpture I did of our boy, Boo, a couple of months ago just to see if I could do a large scale sculpture. It's about 3 1/4 ft. tall. It was the center piece of my recent exhibit at Antebellum Gallery here in Los Angeles. I was quite pleased to find out that it had already been sold before the art opening! Anyway, it's made up of carved styrofoam and papermachie and I plan on doing a bunch more and selling them (hopefully!). The gallery owner said someone was interested in purchasing a female Boo! Can you wrap your mind around that? I can, since I have drawn a female Boo before just to see what it'd be like. I'll have to post it some day. Oh, and I know some of you have heard about a certain series of short films dealing with black gay DL experience coming out with a new installment that will be called, "Boo". A couple of people have asked me about it and I've decided to take the high road and support the film since I saw the second installment and thought it was very well done. But honestly, what rock were they under for the last ten years not to know about my BOO???? LOL...anyway, when it comes out I suggest you support it because the boys do good work. And it'll be a damn sight better than that shitty porno that was done in my Boos' name oh so many moons ago. And NO, you're not allowed go buy it, even out of curiosity. I'll hunt you down, I promise! Shit, that just made it even more appealing, didn't it? Arrrgh! Anyway, here is the REAL Boo in all his 3-D glory!