Saturday, April 01, 2006

Latest 2-D artwork

Took time out from my busy schedule to bust this one out for the Songmaster's Cruise.

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Hey, "Gang" whoever's looking at this blog...I'm currently the featured artist in "Instigator" magazine this month, so check me out. Some of the work there is original and not published anywhere else before. Some hasn't been seen in over a decade! Jesus, I've been doing this shit that long?????? Anyway, be sure to pick up a copy at all those place ya mama told you never to go in and tell 'em Belasco sentcha!

last but not least

still more pics up close and personal

more pics

Finally an update!

Here is the painted statue from the last post. I'm not totally satisfied with the color on the lightskinned figure, but it did photograph well on my laptop camera. I'll probably go back in and do a fine tune some time soon.