Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blast from the Past...!

My good friend and fello erotica artist, Anthony Gonzales, sent me something he found. It's the cover to the first appearance of Boo in print form. I know I have my own copy buried somewhere but it was great to see this again and realize how many years it's been since I channeled Boo out of the void and into the world. I can't make out the cover date, but if memory serves, it came out in '97? Someone feel free to correct me...
Anyway, thanks, Anthony and I promise to be in much better health on my next trip to NYC! In the meantime, everyone needs to get Anthony's book, Bronx Boys, now! It's a terrific collection of his detailed, masterfully rendered drawings. He's a virtuoso of technique and an amazing draftsman of the male form. And he's fast! One of these days I'm going to talk him into doing some erotic comics! His stories would be off the proverbial chain!

A Boo from another hand...

Head over to the Anti-Heroes Blog, the blog of the multi-talented cutie pie, J C Etheredge. In honor of Black History Month, he's devoted a post to your's truly (that would be me...). He did a wonderful rendition of Boo, to boot! I love it and am just now getting around to linking to it! Luckily there's a few more days to go in this very short month. Thanks again, JC! Anyway, it's always nice to see how others draw my characters. If any of you artistic types out there are so motivated, I'd love to post some other renditions of Boo, Oasis, Lil Big Dick or Alpha...just send them to