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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Figure Draw-rins....

Hey, sorry for the M.I.A. status of the blog but long time supporters know the drill...Payin' the bills and whatnot. Here's some of the what not. I figure I'd load you down with some eye candy to tide you over until I can really start blogging more consistently. These are from some recent and not so recent figure drawing sessions I've either had or were held at other venues.
First up is my most recent model, Marcus. He was very prompt and professional, which is a rarity when it comes to a quite a few models that get referred to me, unfortunately. Marcus was a treat because he had a body builder's physique but wasn't too shredded or veiny and had a nice shape. This first one is my favorite drawing from the session. I'm a fan of reclined poses or poses where it looks like the model is being captured in a moment not necessarily 'posing' per se. Luckily he went to sleep for a bit and i could take my time on this pose.
This is an ok pose, but I was still getting warmed up. The likeness isn't there...

I was very happy with how the session was going and finally I got him to pose with a ball cap on like Boo. It's rare for me to draw a model has the physique that seems close to Boo( or should I say rare for someone with Boo's physique to be willing to model, since those type of guys obviously exist), so this is actually the first ever drawing of Boo done from a real live model. People ask me all the time if I use a model for Boo and now I can actually answer , "sometimes...".

Next up is Wayne...He had a lot of energy and a good sense of humor as you can see by the Playboy bunny ears Miguel, the coordinator for this session, put on him below.If you look closely at the drawing above, I misplaced his nipples at first and had to move them down to the right position!

Not every model would be willing to wear bunny ears and a fluffy tail...I didn't quite capture the lewdness in that look he as giving me at the

Next up is Hank. I've drawn Hank a few times and he's one of those guys that looks like he could be a superhero. He very much resembles Sam Jones from the Dino DeLaurentis "Flash Gordon" movie. I keep hearing 'Queen' music when I drawing him. (As in Freddy Mercury, not the other kind...). I think he's from Norway, and if he's what the average Norwiegian looks like, I'm bookin' a plane NOW. He's a fun model, with that kind frat boy jock look going, but once he actually talks you find out he has quite a lot on his mind and has a pleasant demeanor. He doesn't have a bad angle, believe me!

I always make sure to sit by Miguel at these drawing sessions because he loves butt shots as much as I do, so he always makes sure the model has it pointed in our direction.LOL

Hank has the kind of keen features that make him very easy to draw . He literally has that superhero chiseled look that I draw out of my imagination all the time. Below he's with one of the owners of the house we had the session in who hot to death too, by the way. This is Norman, who I had seen around for years, mostly at the Tom of Finland erotic art fair events. I had always wanted to draw him but finally our schedules synced up and he was able to pose for me. He was very prompt, communicative and easy to work with. He has a boyish toned look that's always fun to draw too as I love having variety in my models I use. Dreds are always a challenge to draw but oh so sexy when you're able to capture them correctly!

Here's Daniel, last but not least. I probably have posted these already, but anyway, I drew him last summer I think and a few times since then. This is him in his hairy, bearish, pre-body building physique, which I prefer to his shaved, and cut up bod he has to achieve for competition. He told me he prefers it too! lol. Hopefully I'll get to draw him again soon when it's off season.

Anyway, that's all for now...ENJOY!