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Tuesday Post

I'm loving the Showtime series, Weeds, this year and the main reason, well, one of the main reasons is Page Kennedy who plays the character, U-Turn. He's veeeeery sexy to me so I was inspired to sketch 'im. It's my first shot and I wasn't really looking at anything at the time. But I will be watching and freeze framing my tivoed episodes of Weeds in the near future...
Also included in this post are some of my sketches of Francois Sagat,international french pornstar and man about town. While I haven't seen a lot of his videos, whenever I see him on a flyer or in person, he's very striking. He actually had his fade haircut tatooed onto his head. I like that he's almost like a character I'd draw or make up. His look lends itself to photography and inspiring art. That french boy's got some flava...Where's the new hot black porn star. I mean someone at least in their late 20's with a fully formed personality. Hot as they can be, the newer crop of porn punks don't leave a lasting effect.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day

I gotta get out more...Labor Day weekend and I don't have any barbeque invites. Sheesh. Well its hell-hot here in L.A. so I wouldn't be goin' outside much anyway. It's so hot here, it smells like burning hair outside. That's majorly hot. Lotsa a boys in wife beaters, shorts and flipflops though, so there's an upside. Anyway, Happy Labor Day!