Friday, March 20, 2009

The Official Boo Vs Oasis PRINT EDITION On Sale now at Lulu!

Ok, I finished the official Boo Vs Oasis book PRINT EDITION. There has been a print edition of the download available on the Lulu site, but this is the official print edition with some minor tweaks that only matter to me, perfectionist that I am. So those of you who were waiting for the Hold it in your right (or left) hands while your other hand is busy edition, this is it! In it you'll find a brand new all color 17 page story featuring the first meeting of Boo and Oasis. Also two more Boo stories, one from my old defunct website where Trucker Boo picks up a disable motorist and enables him, and another classic from the GBM days that hasn't seen print in over 10 years. In it, Boo is a security guard who catches two hot shoplifters and administers his own brand of justice! These two stories have been colorized as well, so it'll be like seeing them for the first time for those of you who have been following my work for a long time.