Saturday, August 26, 2006

Washing of the Feet...

Since the African American foot Yahoo group I belong to recently had a little stir up over a dude who was excited about the prospect of getting his feet washed by his minister, I thought the timing of this piece was ironic. Some of the members of the group got all bent out of joint cause this guy said he was aroused by getting his feet washed in the church. I only have one thing to say to that...Get over yourselves! lol...People take this religion thing waaaay too far. Now of course, I'm a bit of the can't be religious and draw the raunchy shit I do...although being religious actually helps some people's 'art'. Hell, Prince is religious and he wrote that "Sister" song! (Dirty Mind is my favorite album of his, no surprise.) Oh, and did you see that special on PrimeTime about the HIV epidemic? Jesse, turn your Oh Mighty Leader of Black People hat at the door when you leave, ok? He's always rubbed me the wrong way. And I usually like Libras. Oh well. It was all pretty sad. But the question of why we have allowed ourselves to get to this state is no mystery. If you live in a country where racism is barely concealed and self hate among black people is rampant (just check those A4A profiles), it doesn't take a Stephen Hawking to figure out that people will expose themselves too all kinds of things that aren't good for them. Hell, we eat, smoke, drink things that eventually will kill us everyday. People live for the now when they don't think the future is particularly bright. And yet everyone's afraid of dying but noone wants to get old either. I'll be glad when they perfect android host bodies that you can transfer your brain into. Course, there'd still be bullshit to deal with...."Your android body's dick isn't big enough..."etc...Anyway, I know, I're thinking, "Less pontificatin', bitch, and churn out some mo' dirty stories!" Here's the heathen foot drawing in all it's glory...enjoy!

Happy Birthday Chris D!

This past Friday was the birthday of a special friend of mine, Chris D. I met him about six years at the NY Tom of Finland Erotic Art Show (I'm sorry, but the New York art fair is the bomb, while the Los Angeles one tends to just bomb. Joking...but the NY fans are definitely more enthusiastic! ). Anywho, I was there peddling my wares and up comes this fine, older gentleman built like an eighteen-wheeler full of brick shit houses and says he's always admired my work! I immediately recognize him as the first black Mr. America! The very same Mr. America I used to whack off to in the Muscle and Fitness books I kept under my bed before I discovered Black Inches...actually back then we didn't even have Black Inches (yes, twinks, there was a time when there wasn't a Black Inches..or cel phones for that matter!)...We were lucky to get a black centerfold once a year in Advocate Male...But I digress, I met Mr. America at that fair and we've been friends ever since. And let me tell you, he's from an era where they knew how to party! So he's one kinky dude...I only hope to be mackin' the way he is at his age and looking as good! Anyway, this is a fairly tame story I did in honor of our friendship sans dialogue. He wants me to add it and I want him to write it for me since there's nothing like an authentic voice in these things...that, and I'm the laziest s.o.b. on two legs...Anyway, here's to you, Chris D! Mmmmmwaaaah!