Saturday, March 17, 2007


This is Al Fha- X...He's a character I created for an feature article Instigator magazine did on my artwork about two years ago. I'm sure back issues are available through their website for those of you who missed it. Click the heading to see the originial drawing of Al. Anyway, I created that first image of Al Fha-X and didn't do another 'til now though he's never been far from my mind. Sometimes I create a character, but it takes a while to really find out who that character is. Usually it comes through me just drawing and making up stories about them. Eventually, I can hear a 'voice'...'cept for Boo since he never speaks per se. Anyway, I enjoyed painting this and appreciate your patience while I teach myself the ins and outs of Photosphop coloring! I'm going to have to do a story featuring Al Fha-X very soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Presenting: The Black Bear Tee-Shirt!

A Belasco exclusive! This shirt is for all you black bears out there and those that luv em! I'm digging doing specialty Tee-shirts, order them and tell ya friends!

Monday, March 12, 2007

More Drawings of Deron

Figure Drawing Weekend!

This weekend was glorious in Los Angeles weatherwise so I just had to fit in some figure drawing. It's very relaxing for me. Some folks go to church, but for me, figure drawing is a religious experience. Saturday I drew Deron, whose very much a renaissance man as well as visually striking. If ever there was a walking Belasco drawing, he's it. When I first saw pictures of him I thought, "he looks like the kinds of guys I doodle out of my head!". He has very dynamic facial features that make him very easy for me to capture. After being introduced through a mutual friend, the amazing photographer, Desi Hytner of, I quickly set up an appointment to draw him. He was quite shy at first but has since come out of his shell. This figure drawing was done very quickly and then I went in and added color, which is something I don't do usually. What's interesting in the way we work is that he can't really hold a very long pose (nervous gemini energy! lol) so I'm forced to draw a lot faster and use short hand. But then I can go in with markers and add color because it doesn't matter then if he moves a bit. It's forced me to push my eye to mentally edit and only draw the essence of what's in front of me. Normally, I like to take my time and fuss over a drawing which can lead to overworking it. It's always nice when a model/muse brings energy that challenges my skill level. I'll post more from this session soon as well from as the figure drawing gathering I attended this past Sunday held by the gracious, uber talented artist, Miguel Angel Reyes. He has a talent for finding top notch models and newbies. Oh, and I haven't posted the drawings I did from the fabulously successful drawing salon from a week ago, but I will soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Color work

For a change of pace, I actually colored these by hand with markers instead of using Photoshop (with except for the background color...that is Photoshop). I'm known for my more overtly 'masculine' drawings, but all kinds of guys revv my rockets, even the softer, sensuous types. A little known fact is that my first drawings were of buffed black dudes wearing high heels. (Hey, it was the early 90' was a lot edgier back then in a lot of ways...). Anyway, these are just a shout out to soft, silky and sexy boys out there...