Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work in Progress and an oldie but goodie

I'm still working on the Boo/Oasis book so I thought I'd show some updates...Hopefully I can offer this finished by March. Since Lulu allows for digital downloads, I can finish this story and make it available then but the full book is going to be 32 pages which will take longer to finish. I know some of you guys prefer the hard copy in your hot, moist little (or big) hand(s). But with Lulu I can offer stories on an individual basis rather than wait until I finish enough to make a whole book. We'll see...but stay tuned...


Ok, this idea came over me and I had to draw it...There may be a story to follow down the line...but I got it out of my system for now...But is there such a genre as Monster gay porn?