Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Commission Piece Inked and final

Here is the finished commission piece. I like the way it came together. I may have to do a series of these foot fetish scenarios!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Ok, I had promised to show my "process" of creating an complete Belasco illustration. Usually, I work very fast and do a very loose rought sketch that I promptly go to ink on...but I thought this time I'd take it slow so I can personally chronicle how I do that thing I do (oy!). Anyway, here's the first sketch of a simple piece of...well, simple pieces! LOL...Bad joke... This is done using a 2-B drawing pencil on a 9x12 2-ply bristol board with a vellum finish. I like this size cause its small and is easy to scan. It's perfect for illustrations of single figures or two man compositions. Not so easy for compositions such as the commission I did down below. It was challenging to fit that many characters into a page that size. After I deliver the finished art to the client, I'll post the finished piece. I am pretty pleased with it. Anyway (again!) I begin with a fairly loose sketch normally, but with the commission pieces, I have to be tighter so the client gets a better idea of what the finished picture will look like. When it's a piece Im doing for myself, I tend to keep it very rough and add all the details when I ink it.