Tuesday, December 19, 2006



I was going through some old files and found these. Two were Belasco's done from life which is rare. Usually, when I draw from life I don't stylize the drawing at all, but since these particular models looked like my drawings anyway, it wasn't a stretch to draw them in my more comic book-y style.

More Life Drawings

These are some sketches from the last life drawing session I attended held by my friend, Miguel Angel Reyes, a terrific painter/muralist here in Los Angeles. This model's name was Jose and he was great to draw. He had a very relaxed yet focused and professional demeanor. It helps that he's an artist/designer as well I think. Anyway, I hope to draw him again in 2007.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

In the midst of my pain...

I managed to ink this sketch I posted a few days ago. Not sure if I like how it turned out, but hey I was hopped up on pain pills...Nevertheless, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Artwork...

I wrenched my neck somehow this weekend so right now I look like I got rear ended and waiting for an ambulance chaser to show up. Ironically enough a year ago i was in a car accident that also fucked up my neck. Anyway, so while Im doped up on Aleve, Midol (hey it works) and some new fangled weed a new acquaintance turned me onto ( have you seen these new rolling papers that are made of something that looks like cellophane? I do declare! lol) I decided to post some artwork. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

"Foot Gangsters" sketches

Here are three sketches I did for a recent comission. Can anyone spot the differences?

Friday, October 20, 2006

...THE REST of the STORY

Well, this is the rest of the story I posted few weeks ago featuring the one and so far, only appearance of Braxton 'Brains' Bane. I guess he's in honor of all the freaky nerds I've known over the years and symbolic of my own love/hate relationship with dumb jocks. Beauty and no brains can be frustrating! A crass generalization I know (yeah, riiight) and definitely my own issue. But who needs therapy when you can draw porn???...
Ahem, anyway, can you believe that I started this strip back in 1998?? I did the first couple of pages, then got lazy (who? Meee?) and shelved it. Like most things, I eventually get back around to finishing it. That's why you might notice that the earlier pages are done with tight inked lines and the more recent pages finished about 6 months ago have a looser quality. You should see all the half finished, 99% finished, and just getting started stuff I have in my studio. All in due time, I suppose...Anyway, I love mixing hot, horny, nasty black on black grime with a heavy dose of tongue in cheek. So hopefully this little trifle will tickle your funny bone. Oh, and please excuse the lettering. I can't letter for shit, and I don't even think I roughed out the dialogue on this one. However, when you draw stuff as nasty as I do, you don't have to be that finicky with the slickness factor. Ya'll know I can do slick when I want to. But this was a loose, silly thing I did to introduce a new character. It only took 8 years to finish...Oh, and another thing...Why does blogger scramble the order of the pictures when you upload them? That irritates the fuck out of me. Betta get ya act together, Blogger if you want to be bought up by Google. Or has that already happened...anyway, lata...and ENJOY
In my earlier post of the first part of this story posted as "Finally...an Update", I forgot a page so check out the first part of this story down below.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Hey, while selling these at the Tom of Finland art show this weekend, I suddendly got the bright idea to offer them to you kind folks! Ok, I'm not the most entrepreneurial artist ever....Better late then never! Just click on the custom t-shirt thingie down below and order! Pretty simple. I saw a person who had bought this shirt last year and had washed it mutiple times and it looked great still, so I know they're of high quality. The great thing about this Zazzle thing is that you order the tee-shirt from THEM, and then they send me my cut. I don't have to worry about shipping and Fed-Ex and all that madness. If this works for all concerned, I'll do some calendars and whatnot. I already have ideas about more shirts I can do.

Finally an Update...!

So I'm a bad poster...i know, I know....Little did I know when I decided to start a blog that when you do so, you become like a whore who owes a pimp, no matter how busy life gets or how sore you get, you betta put out or the kids will tell you about it! Ok, so here is 1/4 of a story I've done that will someday be included in "Brothers of New Essex 2".Whenever THAT happens...lol... This story features a new character I came up with, kind of a freaky MENSA member/genius with nastiness on his mind. Hope y'all don't mind the copyright splashed across the top, but y'know there are pirates out in these here internet waters..I'll be posting more this month and next since things have slowed down for me in other areas of life. Oh, the Tom of Finland Erotic Art show was a blast as always here in L.A. I'll hopefully be attending the one in N.Y. in May, if so, I'll let ya'll know...take care


Monday, September 04, 2006

Couple at Ease

Here's a drawing I did today as kind of a change of pace. Overall I like it, but I messed up the face of the dude giving the foot massage. There was something in the sketch in his look that got lost in translation...I may have to give it another go...

Threesum inked

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Rough Sketch

Hard Knox doin' his Thang

More HardKnox illustrations. I don't know what this says about my current sexual developement. Maybe it just means L.A. continues to piss me the fuck off....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Hard Knox...

Here is a recent Principal Hard Knox drawing and a rendered marker illustration I did of him a while back but I don't think I ever posted. I really need to do a full story featuring him. He's sort of based on Joe Clark of "Lean on Me" fame, only with an ass fetish...