Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Belasco sculpts too!

Well i didn't let any grass grow under my feet between posts, did I? I thought while this is all fresh and new for me, i'd post some things I've been working on recently. This is a new sculpture I've just started. I've really been on a roll lately with the sculptures. In the past, I'd do one or two and not touch the clay for a year or so. But over the last few months, I've averaged about one every couple of weeks. Anyway, this newest one is sort of inspired by that really hot picture of Tookie Williams from the 70s that was circulated shortly before his execution. I usually start with a sketch of the sculpture I have in mind and do several views of it. Then I begin sculpting by making a wire armarture covered in tin foil that I then begin applying super sculpty clay too. Its a polymer clay that fires hard in a regular convection oven. A wonderful product! Anyway, I've included images of my original sketch and where I am in the process of sculpting. Enjoy!

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