Saturday, April 01, 2006

Get this month's Instigator magazine featuring: ME!

Hey, "Gang" whoever's looking at this blog...I'm currently the featured artist in "Instigator" magazine this month, so check me out. Some of the work there is original and not published anywhere else before. Some hasn't been seen in over a decade! Jesus, I've been doing this shit that long?????? Anyway, be sure to pick up a copy at all those place ya mama told you never to go in and tell 'em Belasco sentcha!


ssballs said...

speachless,everybody....?You need to get the gay rags involved again,that's how i found out about your work years ago.Tin-Tin/Mobius for art/The Big B.for hard!

ssballs said...

P.S.I wasn't familiar w/instigator magazine and just googled it.WTF aren't you in that list of links!?It looks like a great mag and since you did this posted illustration for them...all you need to do is tell them,it'd be free,i hope.
Maybe you are too busy but having a following for your published work,old or new wont hurt,no?

good Lux and lox.( I know you must hate me by now.Going out in LA or going to be at any shows in the coming period?

please disapprove of this comment if/after you will let me know when /or where.I'd hate to have a world of spam and men for the next decade.

And on to Instigator.If you don't know Believer magazine,check her out.Good articles/art.
I had said i love your work?i do.