Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris D!

This past Friday was the birthday of a special friend of mine, Chris D. I met him about six years at the NY Tom of Finland Erotic Art Show (I'm sorry, but the New York art fair is the bomb, while the Los Angeles one tends to just bomb. Joking...but the NY fans are definitely more enthusiastic! ). Anywho, I was there peddling my wares and up comes this fine, older gentleman built like an eighteen-wheeler full of brick shit houses and says he's always admired my work! I immediately recognize him as the first black Mr. America! The very same Mr. America I used to whack off to in the Muscle and Fitness books I kept under my bed before I discovered Black Inches...actually back then we didn't even have Black Inches (yes, twinks, there was a time when there wasn't a Black Inches..or cel phones for that matter!)...We were lucky to get a black centerfold once a year in Advocate Male...But I digress, I met Mr. America at that fair and we've been friends ever since. And let me tell you, he's from an era where they knew how to party! So he's one kinky dude...I only hope to be mackin' the way he is at his age and looking as good! Anyway, this is a fairly tame story I did in honor of our friendship sans dialogue. He wants me to add it and I want him to write it for me since there's nothing like an authentic voice in these things...that, and I'm the laziest s.o.b. on two legs...Anyway, here's to you, Chris D! Mmmmmwaaaah!


JMillieons said...

This story is off the ______ ____ing Meat Rack!

The facial expressions on homeboy with the skullie alone is enough to make you lose it. I loved it!

Belasco, you are a Monster at this, one of the best that ever did it!

Keep it Black and Beautiful!

Love J!

erosblake said...

damn son! i wish i could get this kinda treatment outta chris dickerson!

Belasco said...

Hey, Guys...Late with responding as usual! Jmillieons, thanks for your enthusiasm! I've been called a monster before but never as a compliment! Smile...
Eros, if you head down to Florida, I'm sure Daddy Chris will oblige. He may be a retiree, but he's a FREEEEAK! (He takes it as a compliment....)

erosblake said...

Hey if ever swings up 2 bama i take anything ole' boy swings @ me! lol oh i 4got here's another bodybuilder i think is sooo hot!! oh & too!

Anonymous said...

In 1998 or so I saw Chris D. walking down the street one night in Madrid. I remember what a rush I got seeing him, I stopped and told my friend Mario "do you know who that is?", Chris saw me looking at him from across the street and looked at me a couple times, probably wondering what's up. Hopefully he realized it was a fan.
He looked great, and It still gives me a "wow" feeling when I think of it.
I'm the same age he was when he won the Mr O in '83, what an inspiration for following through on something. His pics after the win had this look of "I'm in you, I got to you and you can't do anything about it". Man I had a hardon for him ever since I started getting my first muscle mags and saw him. He was/is the total package, nice body, goodlooking and a nice bulge in his suit.
BTW your art is great, really capture that look of naked lust/want you get just as the guy pops the button on his pants to release that porno cock, or you got that piece of meat at your lips and your jaw relaxes and your lips part unconciously ready to take it all the way down. you really portray the guys topping with the power I feel when I'm piledriving my man, driving it in all at once. No babysteps here.
It's pretty impressive how you can be so good in differant media. Looking forward to your future works.

Anonymous said...

I always have admired Chris Dickerson I think he is handsome and he is one of the few world class bodybuilders to have come out. belasco I wish they would make some porn out of your stories they are so hot. I know awhile back they did a movie about Boo but I dont think they did your work justice. titan or hot house would be the best

Belasco said...

I have to agree with you about the video. Very disappointing. I'll be in charge of any other videos done from my work and will make sure it's up to the quality you guys have come to expect!