Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When in doubt there's always...BOO!

Hadn't posted in a while 'cause of various and sundry thangs...yada yada...But figured I needed to touch base! But first, here's some Boo....

Ok, where wuz we? Let's see...I added a Belasco calendar to my Zazzle webstore. It can be found screen right with some other links to tee-shirts and prints. The Zazzle store also lets you put my designs on anything else you want that they offer like mugs 'n mousepads. The best part is they're the ones responsible for sendin' you the shit, not me! As a A.D.D. short attention span artist type, this arrangement is the best thing since gover'ment cheese!! So anywway, order the calendar, cause it's kinda nifty and if you hurry you'll get some use out of January before its over. I've already got ideas for 2008! Also, over at WWW.BOYTOONS.BLOGSPOT.COM, there's part one of a two part interview with yours truly (that would be ME...BELASCO? Ring a bell? No? Well, check it out anyways...). For you lovers of male erotic art it's the premiere blog/site for postings of homoerotic art, all organized by Patrick Fillion who's work some of you may have seen in Black Inches. ( I wanted that gig but they wouldn't let me draw penetration! lol) How Patrick manages to create and publish a line of comic books AND manage to post regularly to his blog is beyond me. Anyway, check that out. DId I mention BUY MY STUFF? Go the the links and buy some shit. 'Kay? Don't make me beg, y'all. Back with more updates in the new year...OH, right! Happy New Year! See what I mean about A.D.D.?

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Anonymous said...

Alrighty then, B....I got your back....Need to commission you to use my face and create a scene with me and Boo!!! LOLOL I shall go to the website and see the new items fa sho!!

digging the calendar!! Will there be a part 2 to the Adventures of Boo?