Friday, April 13, 2007

Foot Freakery Confidential!

This is a quicky story I did a while ago that was going to go into a small mini comic I was going to do. Now I think I'll include it in whatever ends up being the sequel to "Brothers of New Essex". But since I owe you all a comic story, I figure I'd drop this until I got around to doing something new. Granted, it's aimed at my fellow foot freaks, but enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You have done it hot! Believe it or not something like this actually happened to me. Thank you for your art.

Anonymous said...

...And when is the new sequel coming out? Let me preorder NOW!!!!
you are truly the best at bringing afro erotic themes(like foot/azz fetishes) to the forefront.

Pete said...

sexy! thanks for posting it

Anonymous said...

HOT HOT HOT I can't wait to wear some of your shit this summer in the D, Detroit during Hotter Than July I have a photo of you from a long time ago when you were in D.C. I'll try and find it and send to you. You were much younger then, and I purchased some of your yellow/orangish colored books, still have them to this day, they are colectors mag to me. Oh by the way again. Hot HOt HOT

Belasco said...

I was much younger a long time ago? No Shit!!! Who knew? LOL...thanks for the "HOT"s