Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More More More

Ok, I'm addicted...whenever I get a free moment these days I'm cranking out one of these sketches. The strangest outcome of this new style I've been experimenting with is that it makes drawing different types of men easier and also more tantalizing for me. A friend of mine remarked the more abstract qualities of the images make an appealing picture even though the men I'm drawing aren't all stereotypically attractive. I like that the style allows for sexy representations of a lot more body sizes, thick, thin and inbetween. It works for bears as well as beanpoles. smile. And I personally think the drawings are more interesting and just plain better. It's definitely more fun than the realistic style I cultivated for so long. And a lot less tedious to execute, so as you may noticed, my overall output has tripled. ("Now if he can only do a fuckin' story...") Even though I'm experienced in cartooning and animation, I never really applied those techniques to my erotica. I suppose because I didn't think it would be...well, erotic. But I'm definitely getting an artistic hard-on from the freedom this style is giving me.


Anonymous said...

I like your new stylized style.

It focuses on what's most erotic and engages my imagination in ways that more realistic drawing can't. And most of sex is in the brain, anyway.

Hats off.

Andrew Adam Caldwell said...

well as addictions go, this one is quite bountiful and good. LOVE the style. would love to see you make an animated erotic film.

@ndy in seattle

Andrew Adam Caldwell said...

well as additions go, this one is might positive. LOVE this style--wished you could make an animated erotic film.

andy in seattle

Belasco said...

Andy, I published both your comments since they were slightly different but basically saying similar things. An animated erotic film is definitely in the back of my mind and I definitely want to make that happen soon.

Belasco said...

Anonymous, thanks for the kudos...i appreciate that a lot!