Monday, May 07, 2007

May Day Post

Diesel Dawg


Lil Man in the Big House


Diesel Dawg2



nipple to the bottle

Bodacious 2

The Perfect Height

Thuggery 1

Thuggery 2


Anonymous said...

Hi, for years I have been looking at your art and loving it. It is so beautiful and you have such talent to bring your subject alive.
Thank you.

Laurent in Beijing

Belasco said...

Thank you, Laurent! It's always great to have my stuff seen by people in other countries...I have to travel to Beijing one of these days...

Anonymous said...

"Scorpio" really struck a nerve with me because I just went through drama with a Scorpio. That picture could not be more accurate! *shudder*

Belasco said...

yeah, I've run afoul of a scorpion once or twice. Best to stay on their good side. Sexy as hell, though usually. Smile