Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Watercolour Boo

I took some time from lettering/dialoguing the Boo meets Oasis story to do this. I must confess to having a bit of ADD. I bore quickly and if I've already told you this, fyi, I have a poor memory too. I'll be a mess when I get old and have a good excuse not to remember shit! Anyway, to break the tedium of doing something that is a bit more meticulous, I like to go the opposite direction and do something that can be free-flowing and not deemed right or wrong (well, right or wrong by me...I don't care what anyone else thinks usually...lol). So this watercolor was a fun excercise. "Exercise" is the bullshit word I learned to use in art classes to justify something I took about a half hour to do before class.lol...and guess what, they fell for it everytime! God, how I hate those crappy art school critiques, but I digress. ADD,bad memory, AND I ramble! Enjoy!
Watercolour Boo

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Anonymous said...

This is exquisite. So loose yet your signature style still shows through. The color balance is great but I think you could go further with it. Nice piece.