Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day

I gotta get out more...Labor Day weekend and I don't have any barbeque invites. Sheesh. Well its hell-hot here in L.A. so I wouldn't be goin' outside much anyway. It's so hot here, it smells like burning hair outside. That's majorly hot. Lotsa a boys in wife beaters, shorts and flipflops though, so there's an upside. Anyway, Happy Labor Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day! You ain't lyin' about it being hot as hell here in L.A. And your sketches are just making me hotta'. Especially "Spring Trainin'" and "Bumper2Bumper"! All I can say is, "Pull up to the bumper babae' with yo' long black limousine... Pull up to the bumper babae'; drive it in between!"

Unknown said...

hot dayum..well happy labor day to you god i wanna play sum football all of a sudden