Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ask and ye shall recieve...maybe

One of my regular bloggers requested in a recent post for me to take a shot at Michael Jai White (boy, there's a joke there that's too easy...). Ironically enough, a couple of days earlier I already had attempted to draw him with mixed results. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE MJW fan. Going all the way back to him playing Mike Tyson. I personally thinks he's very underrated and should be an action star in his own right up there with Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Steven Sagal, and Jean Claude Van Damm. Anywho, I took a couple of goes at it. One I was staring a picture of him and it looks pretty stiff to me. The other, I just drew out of my head while daydreaming about his star making turn in "Jerry Springer: Ringmaster" and I think it looks more like him, albeit exaggerated. Anyway, He's definitely a nut I'd like to crack....heh. N'joy


RDot said...

welll..of all the ones drawn...'in his own skin' is my favorite...but we all know im biased towards the far as michael jai White. i am also a fan of his dating back to him as Tyson...and i have always wanted to see a full shot of him naked front and back. i believe you have captured his likeness very well.

erosblake said...

oh glory!!!!! mjw can rock my mic anyday o' the week, the pix is so cute!!! i wish there was full body pix of both!! bruh got the pecs o'hoy thing down 2 the T. the tyson pix makes u want him 2 sit in your lap. but belasco here's a question 4 u. which 1 of your drawing would u want a night with?