Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to Work....Sigh

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving...and thanks to all those who answered the poll!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering what kind of music do you listen when you draw??

Belasco said...

hey there, minimonkey...welcome to the blog. I'm a moody kinda guy so I listen to all kinds of music in general. I'm not really a musicphile though, so I can draw with or without music. I just listen to the music in my head. lol. But generally, since I like all kinds of music, I tend to set my cd changer or Ipod to 'random' and have at it. On the weekends, we have this great show on KCRW in Los Angeles called Cafe L.A. that I love to listen to that plays all kinds of music.

wisottertail said...

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