Saturday, November 17, 2007


mountii said...

the 1st pic is wat i wood call a close shv lol

Anonymous said...

Naw, that first pic is some of that, "Bobby and Whitney" Love.

RDot said...

that last pic is the truth!!

Anonymous said...

I m really amazed by the way you maintain coherence and solidity in your drawings and in the same time you have this everflowing and stilized lines. Bravo very inspiring for my own work


Admired Belasco, I direct the present letter to him to put in your knowledge that I am an admirer of your art.

My Web site is dedicated to show to greater number of people, specially the one of Hispanic speech, the fantastic art of the drawing and the painting with the men like protagonists.

From year 2002 I come sometimes tracking in the Web all referring to drawings and the artists, classifying the works by author, quite difficult question, since there are individuals that erase the name or the signature of the author.

In this site you with several works appear and I will be thankful to you very many if you authorizes me to it.

I have been myself forced to receive a quota, since if it is not thus I will have to close the site for the costs that originates to me, and it without counting my time. I am amateur.

I have looked in the Network and I have obtained enough directions of artists’ sites, among them yours. I have linked with all those that I have located to direct to my visitors towards the site of each artist.

You me would make very happy, if You were so amiable to authorize to me to expose your works and to link with your site. If you link with me it would be magnificent.

If you wishes to publish some work I will be enchanted. So only indicate to me if you wishes that it is seen in the free section or the private section.

I am Spanish and alive in Barcelona, Spain. My name is José.

I thank beforehand to him. I give a strong hug to you and my best regards from Barcelona.

Sorry! My e-mail is

Chubtoons said...

Last one!...Definitely, last one! Candle-light and soft music anyone?

Anonymous said...

I love your site always have I was wondering is there any way I could get the banner art with boo in the red hat? that looks so good!!