Monday, February 18, 2008

From 1992....a lots changed....

This is a design that always got a strong reaction whenever I displayed it, so I decided to see how it'd look on a tee or tank. Now, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but some of you children who like to shock folks might find this fits the bill.
Also, as with everything in my Zazzle gallery, you can put any of my designs on any item they offer from tee-shirts to ties, to bags, to stamps even. So check out my Zazzle store.


Catholic Heroine said... just know how much I love sexy Super Heros...and he is no exception!

Adam G said...

Hey Belasco

Love your art and style!

Keep up the good work!



Belasco said...

thanks to both of you! smile

RDot said...

man that penis tail looks hella dangerous

Anonymous said...

This Black Panther is the HOTTEST I've ever seen! I'm seriously considering this for a tattoo, Belasco! You KNOW I love you for this, my brutha'!