Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another BOO Toon

Hey, all...Was out of commission earlier this week due to a rough few days of travel to and from the Dominican Republic. The airlines have really degenerated, is all I can say. I won't recount the awful details other to say it involved a two delayed flights (going and coming home!), a 4:30 departure that ended up not leaving Santa Domingo until 11pm(!!), a missed connection in Miami, getting a hotel voucher but not being able to get to the hotel until 3am (the rescheduled flight was at 8am!), a missed flight and then finally back home in Los Angeles. Whew. All this drama and I still wouldn't trade the wonderful time I had for my brief stay in D.R.. Kudos to Mr. Anthony Montgomery for his hospitality and accommodations at the Camarillo Apts. in the heart of the Colonial Zone. Check out his blog for more info. He's an ex-pat after my own heart!
Anyway, here is the latest animation I've done. Nothing overtly risque but can anyone tell why this particular animation has any significance?


googalicious said...

Why, everyone who has read (seen?) Brothers of New Essex will recognize this as the lead-in to the story where Boo seduces the church-boy out from the pews and up against the church wall for some action. If you are animating that whole episode, that would be something to celebrate.
Sorry to hear about your travel woes ... glad you are back safe and that you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

its from the punks comicstrip. one of my ultimate favs.

Belasco said...

Well according to the time of the posts, you win
Sorry, Goog...
Granted, I guess it wasn't a hard question. Yes, I was playing around with bringing one of the comic strips to life(?) and the first one ever felt like the best place to start...stay tuned...
Yes, American Airlines sux donkey dicks, but the upshot was I got 8 thousand frequent flyer miles. Considering I was going to burn off the remainder and never fly them again, they were wise to send them to me. All that tells me is that I should have been a bastard and got in someone's ass. I might have ended up with 10 thousand

Anonymous said...

Love the animation can't wait for more!

I have visited Santo Domingo and stayed at Athony's place, I had the best experience of my life in the few days I was there. I plan to go back soon.

I know you truly enjoyed yourself there.

Anonymous said...

Love the animations! Glad you are back!
Sister Nancy

Santo Domingo Colonial Zone Apts said...

It was great having you here in the Dominican Republic. Hope to have you back visiting soon.

Anthony Montgomery