Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Belasco!

Another year has passed and it's my birthday again. I'm on the last day of a weekend in NYC (my go-to place to relax) where I saw a few friends, went to a couple of shows and ate some great food. I got a lucky break and arrived just after the hellacious heat and humidity that the Manhattanites have been dealing with for the last week. It's been beautiful here for the most part barring some semi-torrential rain. But, living in L.A. where we only see rain every other year, it didn't bother me. I can't think of a better way to bring in another chance for growth than to be in the greatest city in the world.
While there, I went to a rather disappointing exhibit at the Met that was about fashion inspired by superheroes. It needed more superheroes and less fashion I think. Very mediocre, but since I was at the Met, I made a point of seeing my most favorite sculpture by the artist known as Carpeaux.

Later, I had the pleasure of seeing the play that racked up several Tonys (best play, best lead actress, best supporting actress, to name a few) the day before the actual awards so the cast was giving it's A game. The show's called August:Osage County and it's the best play I've ever seen (not to be confused with some musicals I've seen) bar none. It's basically about the inner workings of a very dysfunctional mid-western family to put it mildly. The mother character in this makes Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver! Highly recommended if you are in NYC or if it comes to your town when it tours.
I also saw Laura Linney in "Dangerous Liasons" which is also one of my favorite movies, which of course was based on a play. She was fantastic, but I couldn't help but see Glenn Closes's indelible performance in the role. A superb production all around.
Didn't get to see "Passing Strange" (not a fan of rock and roll music really and it looked really....loud. I'll see it next time. I only mention it since whenever I say I'm in New York to see shows people only ask if I've seen the black ones. LOL.
I was also able to attend the weekly figured drawing class at the NY Gay and Lesbian center with my friend, kindred artist-in-smut, Anthony Gonzalez. He doesn't have a site yet, but his work, that I've posted here in the past is amazing. He draws circles around me, too! I lucked up and got to draw a great model/artist Tony Robinson who is also creator of a comicbook called The Descendants. It's always great to see a fellow artist doing his own thing (and he's a terrific model to boot!). I'll post drawings from the session when I get a chance.
Another pleasure that morning was to finally meet the amazing (and adorable) artist JC Etheredge creator of the Anti-Heroes blog and comic book. He gave me a lot of goodies for my birthday that I'm still digging through.
I have to take a moment to reflect on how wonderful it is that it's 2008 and I've been meeting so many artists who are drawing homoerotic subject matter. I mean everytime I look up, there's a new hot artist debuting with really amazing stuff. There are more books than ever dedicated to male figurative art and the artform is starting to get a lot more respect.
It's doubly gratifying to me personally that a lot of these artists doing their thing are men(and women) of color. So whenever I meet an Orokie, Anthony Gonzalez , Daniel Lyons, J.C. Etheridge or Sean Z, it just puts a smile on my face (and not just cause all of them are hotter than fish I feel like the grand daddy of perv artists of color! Anyway, even though its MY birthday, cheers to all you emerging homoerotic artists of color. Getting to know all of you is a birthday present everyday!
...ok, was that too sappy?
Daniel Lyons 2002

Anthony Gonzalez

JC Etheredge



Anonymous said...

Happy Earthday Hombre!! Enjoy NYC 4 me.... LOL Lovin' the new additions. will get back to you still searching for a another model. Blessings of Strength Prosperity and Sanity to you and yours Bruh!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (BTW--no one can draw circles around you).

RDot said...

Happy Birthday Belasco!! and trust that you ARE the originator... glad you got to meet other artists of color..had NO clue the JC Etheredge was of color though. oh well. he is still a great dude

Anonymous said...

Sister Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle BJ,

My uncle, my mentor, my friend, and my fellow gemini. Happy Birthday again. Another year for you and a 30 year mark for me :)

Many happy returns.

Nephew MJ

Anonymous said...

Like Whoa.... Thanks for the free Promo... I'll try to return the favor Hombre...PEACE while in the East from the west side ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! Draws circles around you?!? Your work is incredible!!! I remember going crazy with my best friend trying to get copies of Brothers of New Essex. I've always loved your work and I love your new style. I wish I was brave enough to put it out there like that.