Monday, August 11, 2008

Figure Drawing session at Tom of Finland Foundation

As summer dwindles away, one of the pleasures has been the monthly figure drawing sessions at the Tom of Finland Foundation located in lovely (trendy and gentrified til it's translucent) Silver lake. The sessions have been organized by Miguel Angel Reyes, a phenomenal artist and the most connected person I know in Los Angeles! He took over from John Hilton who ran the sessions for most of the years I've been attending. Miguel has definitely continued the tradition of finding interesting and attractive models to draw and this past Sunday was no exception. Brian and Daniel were as different as night and day but both were great fun to draw. Brian was swarthy and sleek with a round posterior that made me do a double take. LOL...Daniel was a shapely bodybuilder but at that perfect point of not being overly ripped. Muscular and shapely, and artist's delight. He looked a lot like the thicker dudes I've been drawing lately. Anyway, I hope to get to draw both when the opportunity arises....Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

AmzN Drwins Dude! U Drw lines wit such eze its lik watchn the drivas at da Indy 500 mastaN da road.

Anonymous said...

Great drawings. Very well done. Thanks for sharing. It's inspiring. I try to make time to draw everyday whether I feel I have the opportunity or not... but it doesn't always work out that way. =)