Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Animation courtesy of Master D....It' really a gif animation but it wouldn't post as is so I had to make it into a movie...Enjoy!



Donibear said...

B. that FOOT thing is something I haven't witnessed yet but you make it look so hot dude....DAMN!!!
you are so cool

ilipodscrill said...

this is great. the way you drew those feet made me wanna see the rest of that man really bad. the foot thing is not a major fetish of mine, but your art really lends it some appeal for me.

Anonymous said...

i recognize these guys. ilipodscrill, if you go to his January 22, 2008 blog entry, you can see the guy's whole body.

mistered9469 said...

Luv the ruff copy of the Foot video Cann't wait to see & down load finshed copy