Sunday, December 28, 2008

Images from Jail Trade Unleashed

Some random pages from Jail Trade Unleashed, available at by clicking here.

A very special thanks to my soul twin, Papi Chulo (we have the same birthday!) over at his very informative, and constantly updated blog on all things media-related, PAPI CHULO'S BLOG for giving me some nice promotion. His blog is amazing in that it truly combines overall media coverage with a heaping helping of porn news. I believe his blog and others will be the force behind mainstreaming and de-tabooing (is that a word?) porn and erotica in general. Thanks again, Papi!


Anonymous said...

This looks completely and utterly hot!

Wonder Man said...

This is great should do a signing

Anonymous said...

May I ask what kind of pens do you use in your sketches?

Belasco said...

Thanks for the compliment, Wonder...

Anonymous, I can't say I exclusively use any one type of pen. If I want a brushy line (which is usually the case) I use brush pens. I find though that the basic brush pen that can be found in most American art stores tend to suck. There used to be a two tipped brush pen called the Pigma Sumi Sukara that was amazing. Sadly they discontinued it. Now I use a variety of brush pens that I get from a Little Tokyo bookstore here in Los Angeles. If I want a crisper, techincal line, I use Staedtlers or Microns. I trained myself to ink using real brush and dip pens and real ink, but these days that's way too messy.
And that's that.









Anonymous said...

The copy of Jail Trade I ordered arrived today. It was worth the wait. Great story as always. Thanks for continuing to create works of inspiration rather than repeating old stuff from the past. Also the copy printed by Lulu was bound and printed well. First rate!

Anonymous said...

Hi kiddo, just ordered my copy of Jail Trade from Lulu. Looking forward to it dropping, I know it will be TAP NATCH! ( A Jamaicanism, but I guess you knew that already!) All the best, from London. John x x x