Friday, June 27, 2014

My Birthday Present from Gene Lightfoot!

This is Gene's interpretation of a scene from "Boo and the Bruthahood" #1. I really need to finish part 2!


Corriea said...

6/28/14 7:03a Belasco
B'Day Piss
Yeah, I agree!
You've got to finish Part 2 of ''Boo and the Brotherhood'' I'm waiting.

Corriea said...

7/18/14 3:37p Belasco
''Boo and the Bruthahood'' Pt. 2 I mentioned this before, when is the Pt. 2 coming? I bought Pt. One.

tesuduz said...

omg! i lov black piss they guys are bastards

Corriea said...

7//22/14 8:17a Belasco
I have submitted several Posts that were Not published? Why?
I am still waiting for Part 2 of Boo and the Bruthahood.