Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cruise art unedited

Here's a copy of the cruise art without the copy. Lots more beefcake shows without the type over it, no?


Solelover said...

I am a huge fan of your work and I am really loving your new passion of sculpture.

As a foot fetishist I could not help but notice the detail you bring to the masculine foot in your drawings and your sculpture.

It has been a fantasy of mine to commission you to do a few male to male foot fetish scenes. In the past I have commissioned artists such as Franco Saudelli and Palanca to create images for me, but I have always wanted to see works by you that fully explore that fetish.

Is that a possibility. I would of course pay you for your work in advance.

I really feel that Principal "Hard" Knox could really use a good foot sniffing and tickling.


Belasco said...

Hey there, Solelover
Sure I do commissions. My only stipulation is that the subject of the piece has to be something I'm interested in, but given our shared fetish, I don't think that will be a problem with you. lol..
Anyway, here's how I work
we have a discussion either by email, IMs or phone where I settle on what you want.
I then need a 50$ start fee. This pays for 2 rough sketches of the idea. You pick one of them hopefully with minor tweaks. My black and white drawings are 250$ and my color 350$ generally, depending on the complexity of the image. Once approved, I need half of the money upfront to begin the drawing and the rest upon completion.
Anyway, that's how I do it.
Hit me back if you're still interested,
I recieve IMs at both aol and yahoo under the same name, Belasco96

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have loved your artwork for a long time. I bought "The Brothers on New Essex" a few years ago. Do you have any other books that can be purchased?

Belasco said...

Hey, there..I'll be linking to a way to buy the self-published books i have available very shortly...