Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Latest Commission

Here is the latest commissioned artwork I just finished for a fun client of mine. First up (or down as the case may be) is the original sketch I sent to the client for his input and approval. Afterwards, I went on to produce the inked version but I forgot to give one of the torturees sheer socks as per the input the client gave. The last is the finished drawing with socks added which definitely was the final touch the piece needed. I enjoy working in ink and I use a two-sided pen I found in Little Tokyo that has one black tip and one gray tip. It makes applying tones to inked drawings a breeze. As some of you who've seen my artwork on Black Wrestling or read "Brothers of New Essex" know, I love doing artwork that requires drawing celebrity likenessses doing kinky things we wish we could see. Maybe you can guess who some of these torturees are?


Anonymous said...

I want to say that these folks are OJ Simpson
LL Cool J
Tupac Sukar
and Jesse Jackson

How close am I too being right.....

Thank you for doing what you love to do best.....make me hot with your work!!! lolol

Belasco said...

Hey Guys,
Sorry if you sent comments and I'm just now publishing them! I think the message I get telling me I have comments must be on the blink...
thank you both...oh and for the record, the guys tied up are Marcus Allen, LL Cool J, Common and Jesse Jackson. Two out of four ain't bad, tho.