Thursday, July 13, 2006

Newest Comission this month

Here's another current drawing I've been working on for my client. I really like working with him because heits all done over the internet...LOL....Technology at its finest. He makes it easy for me because I have a low level of tolerance for too much back and forth. He tells me what he wants in an email and reply back with input and how much it'll cost. He agrees (which makes him perfect!) and I commence to drawin' as they say on the Beverly Hillbillies. We've never talked on the phone (I'm not much of a phone person as any of my friends will tell you, so emails are a great thing for me) and yet, we've never had a problem communitcating. Anywho, I'm also posting some other stuff since I'm sure those of you who aren't foot fetishists (poor lost souls...pun intended) may be getting bored. Included is a page from a Boo leather story I've been working on for years. Some of you may have seen bits and pieces of it in the MeatMen Anthologies available from Leland Press. Ive been in every issue since #20. Anyway, I started a leather story at the publisher's behest which at the time for me, was rare. I didn't do much with that genre of erotic art but once I started this story it just kept growing like mold! Anyway, I'm up to 100 pages, so when it's finally published, it'll make quite a book. It still needs art tweeks and dialogue so hopefully I can get to it. Anyway, enjoy this little sampler of it.


Anonymous said...

That color illustration is succulent

Belasco said...

Thanks...Glad it works for

Anonymous said...

Love the new site/work in process.I had lost ya for a year or some,and the honor of saying "hi".
Remains the big question,when the hell can i have some new paper between my fingers and under my nose?It's been years!

A big fan.