Friday, December 28, 2007


Anonymous said...

The Latino Hotbox is...well hot. What exactly is a Hotbox though ^_^;

Forgive my ignorance.

And my copy of your Essex book came in recently! I really enjoyed the book. Your Oasis character is pretty cool in a different kind of way. I was really into the "When the Master Commands" story during that whole labyrinth sequence. I kept thinking to myself "This is" It was right on the cusp of credible and over the top, mixed with your usual bit of light heartedness/humour (which can be felt in almost all your stories).

I was impressed when you had the one panel of the maid leaving the room near the end. You made the dress she wore look so fluid as she left the room I was like "How did he do that?"

Did you have inspiration from somewhere was it all you? I was confused about the ending though...the statement that Oasis makes about them "Playin' make believe". Was that Oasis making a statement or you making a larger statement as the writer of the story? (And no...I can't just enjoy the sex. I'm an English major and analyze everything. The Hun has previously chastised me for analyzing erotic work lol).

Of course loving Boo goes without saying. That character is all versatility. It was neat seeing him as a youth. When dealing with drawn characters it is easy to forget that that character probably has a history somewhere in the creator's head.

The story with Lil' Big Dick was one of the hottest ones in the book. It reminded me of that Skee-Lo song "I Wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller..."

Awesome work. Belasco. Glad I made the purchase and hope to see more!

JC said...

Man-- you really draw good hands! I'm so jealous! Overall, these show a really clear understanding of complex human anatomy.

The guy with the ponytail is really hot.

Belasco said...

Jubell, I composed a very long winded response to your comment but it either got sent directly to you, or was swallowed up in the quagmire that can be Anyway, I'll try to remember what I answered...
Thanks for the compliments on Brothers of New Essex.
The maid in "When the Master Commands" was based on the Miss Danvers character from the movie "Rebecca". See either the Hitchcock classic or the PBS version with Diana Rigg playing the role.
If I can recall what was going through my mind at the time, I think Oasis's comment about "Playin' make believe"came when he realized all of the Master's captives were actually there willingly, and even though The Master was gone, they wanted to continue the S&M games with Oasis standing in for the Master.

Thanks...Drawing hands and feet are never that easy and take long hours of repetitive drawing to really get the hang of them. I happen to be a foot fiend as any viewer of my art can tell so I've drawn them from a very early age. I'm starting to get the hang of them. smile.

Afriboy said...

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