Saturday, March 17, 2007


This is Al Fha- X...He's a character I created for an feature article Instigator magazine did on my artwork about two years ago. I'm sure back issues are available through their website for those of you who missed it. Click the heading to see the originial drawing of Al. Anyway, I created that first image of Al Fha-X and didn't do another 'til now though he's never been far from my mind. Sometimes I create a character, but it takes a while to really find out who that character is. Usually it comes through me just drawing and making up stories about them. Eventually, I can hear a 'voice'...'cept for Boo since he never speaks per se. Anyway, I enjoyed painting this and appreciate your patience while I teach myself the ins and outs of Photosphop coloring! I'm going to have to do a story featuring Al Fha-X very soon!

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