Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Presenting: The Black Bear Tee-Shirt!

A Belasco exclusive! This shirt is for all you black bears out there and those that luv em! I'm digging doing specialty Tee-shirts, order them and tell ya friends!


Anonymous said...

Dear Belasco,

We are producing a Blatino Weekend get-away in Palm Springs in June and would like to book you at the event.

Blatino Oasis Palm Springs California Get-Away!
June 22-25


Anonymous said...

Y0, Belasco!!

Thanks, man for the love for the big bois!! I always knew you'd show your love for us and this is only the beginning!! Would love to see a new character and book devoted to the black bear community! And I know you are the perfect one to do us justice!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing it!!