Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Day at Blatino Oasis!

Since the final installment of 'A Day in th' Life' coincided with my appearance in Palm Springs at Blatino Oasis, I thought I'd do this special illustration of Billy and Dane attending and give you just a brief glimpse of my experience there. Amazing! It's been almost 8 years since their last appearance and they haven't aged a day! We should all be cartoons...well, on purpose, I mean.
Anyway, Blatino Oasis was a friggin' BLAST! For those of you who didn't attend, I'm sure the word of mouth will insure that you're headed to lovely (and HOT) Palm Springs next year! For a first event of it's kind, it went off glitch-free, at least as far as I saw and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Thanks to the organizers of for inviting me and treating me very very well. A lesson to all other organizers of these type of events, prides, etc.: Joe and Mark do it right! They treated all of us who they invited like royalty, paid for our accomdations and travel, made sure we were comfortable and all the while dealt with the paying guests who attended from all across and out of the country. Usually, with these type of events, the organizers make it seem like you should be lucky they invited you. This time, however I felt I was lucky because this was a unique event. Another special shout out to the owners of Helios where the festivities I attended were held. It's a great space for this type of event and they couldn't have been more friendly. It was a very warm open, festive environment in a very sex positive space. Folks were free to express themselves anyway they liked as long it was respectful to the other attendees. Being in a secluded enviroment let people feel free to let their hair down (so to speak).
I had the pleasure of accepting my award along with Tiger Tyson (a really down to earth guy who is really cool with his fans) from Karamu from the Real World. My speech was totally off the top of my head, next time I'll just say 'thank you'. LOL. But the award is cute on my mantle. However, the best part of the whole event like any of these events I attend, is always getting to meet my peeps( i hate that word, but it makes me sound 'friendly') who attended and picked up books and tee-shirts from me. I truly have the best fans in the world! All in all, I hope to be a permanent fixture at this event for many years to come. Book your reservation now for next year!


googalicious said...

Thanks for the recap. It looked like it was going to be cray-zee ... Sorry I didn't get the heads up until late, but I'm looking to be there in oh-eight!

Thundercizzle said...

Were you there?
I was at that!