Monday, June 25, 2007

A Day In The Life Episode 15: the Conclusion

So around the time I was doing this story, the magazine it was appearing in, Kick, suspended publication. The little magazine that could decided it coudn't any longer. I completely understood the publisher's desire to get on with his life and around this time a lot of the homegrown black gay rags began to fold one by one. Mainstream culture had caught on to the afro homo thug aesthetic and stole some of the novelty of the magazines away. I mean what is gayer than Vibe magazine these days? What the mainstream magazines didn't steal from the small gay press, the internet rendered moot by providing an new open haven for information (depending on who you ask...). Anywho, so here it is, the last strip for "A Day in the Life". It was a short,sweet run and a very challenging but rewarding experience. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll revisit Billy and Dane....Until then, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what a satisfying and hilarious ending to the series. sopranos writers take note!!

Unknown said...

Hey Belasco. thanks for sharing this wonderful series with us. it was quite good and maybe you will revive it sometime in the future...or even do some erotic sketches of Billy and Dane! kidding

Anonymous said...

Thanks Belasco

A day in the Life had great stories, great art, and the subject matter is just as timely today (unfortunately) as it was when it was written.

Your work is very satisfying even without any explicit sex. But of course your explicit works fill a void that no one else has ever filled as brilliantly as you have.