Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Day In The Life Episode 6

Can anyone who's been reading these things closely spot the huge mistake I made in this strip? As I recall the time I wrote and drew this, I was also doing a Boo story for GBM magazine as well as juggling a demanding day job. It's pretty funny that I only caught the mistake after digging these strips out after all this time!


Anonymous said...

Mistakes? Well, I found two. Dale's name is actually, "Dane", and he's missing his glasses in the second frame (and possibly his shirt). Either way, I'm still enjoying the strip. If you hadn't mentioned the flaws I don't think I would have noticed them at all.

Belasco said...

Thanks, Ahtha! and you are correct, sir! I mistakenly identified "Dane" as "Dale". As far as the glasses go, well the lenses are there, but it's hard to tell, so I guess that counts. He's definitely missing his tank top though.