Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Belasco!

I'm taking a day off from revisiting "A Day In Th' Life" to wish a happy birthday to a person without whom this blog wouldn't be possible: MEEEEEE! Yup, it's my boithday and I'm spending it appropriately enough in Amsterdam. A beautiful city. Legal marijuana and live sex shows. What's not to love? Actually, it's much more than that and I highly recommend it as a destination for anyone who hasn't partaken (partook?) of it's charms. Also a very special shout out to my pen-pal, Jerry, who has been a great host and become a new found friend!
I've done tons of drawings while on sabbatical and to say some of them are quite trippy would be an understatement. Can't wait to share them but I'll finish posting the ADNTHL strips first. Also a reminder to anyone in the Palm Springs area this weekend coming, I'll be there on Saturday as one of the guests of honor at Blatino Oasis! They're giving me and Tiger Tyson an award for services rendered or good servicing or something like that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a gold plated dildo, so keep hope alive. I suppose this is a life time achievement award in gay years...Anyway, I look forward to meeting and shaking everyone's freshly sterilized hand (like Kelly Ripa said to Clay Aikin, " I don't know where that hand's been...") Lol. Until then, "Goedemiddag!" (Good afternoon...and if you think that's spelled funny, you should try the word for "hand jobs in the alley" ....But I kid.....I keeeeeeeeeeed.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Belasco!!!!

here's to keepin us cumming for years to, uh, well, cum!!! Enjoy Amsterdam!! Do a sex show or 10...or maybe Boo can show them how the Americans do it! Blow sum 'candles' for me!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day! Enjoy your trip and keep those hands clean... And I won't even bother saying, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." LOL!!!

Reginald Harris said...

Fantastic! VERY happy Birthday to you. Thanks for all the gifts you've been giving us all these years

Anonymous said...

BJ always much love coming from me GEMINI on the rise in June. Happy Birthday Love


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

googalicious said...

Yo, Belasco --
Peace from the Northeast (i.e., Boston). Carlton here ... I interviewed you for SF Frontiers back when 'Brothers of New Essex' was just blowin' up. Glad to see you are just as wildly creative as ever.

Happy Birthday, indeed, and many more. Amsterdam is a cool city like you said.

Suggestion -- run your sketches of the DL Project that you did for STOP AIDS in 2001. They were really well done, and point to your work toward ending the pandemic ... Be well.

Belasco said...

Hello, Carlton...
That's a good idea, I hope I can find them since I believe I may have sold that series off piece by piece. But I'll try to find the files and original sketches.

Anonymous said...


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