Friday, October 12, 2007

Funky Fridayz


googalicious said...

Hmmm. I think a recognize that face in 3 and 4 ... a certain West(-coast) hip-hop homo rapper ...?

In any event, all these are working for me.

Anonymous said...

That looks like Tim'm West. Pleeze tell me I not dreemn' I've met him before, I thought he was sooo sexy, now you've erased any doubt. (of course these sketches are all about imagination!) Anyway keep up the good work, and keep them sexy boyz cuming our way.


ReggieH said...

I too immediately thought that was Tim'm! How cool

Quentin Ergane said...

LOL I thought it was Tim'm, too. I would know that sexy-assed man anywhere!

Tim'm said...

nobody knows that body like Belasco. not sure any body will.

(did i say that?)

I'm honored.


MphsBlackChub (James) said...

Very nice. You drew the curve in the line. It's got me wanting to do more. :o)