Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Moanin'

Been having DSL problems and so haven't been able to post anything all weekend. Ironically, the problems didn't start until I upgraded it. Figures! Anyway, here are some art for your Monday. Those of you who got Columbus Day off, just eat it!(joking!) I have to work...sigh. N'joy!


Bjp said...

fat boi in the pool just my style, love it,

Anonymous said...

My style is definitely "Big Kahuna" and "Laid Back Pa". (Cut to dream sequence where I'm layin'back with both of them)... Lol; a boi can dream can't he?

Belasco said...

Ahtha, for those of us who are thick, semi-thick or just "plush" as I like to call it, we thank you! lol aint that right, fbgb?