Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Evening Post Sept.

Enjoying a do nothing weekend after the whirlwind of exhibiting at the Tom of Finland erotic expo. If any of you have info about other similar erotic art events in your cities/countries, let me know. I'd like to expand the brand, so to speak. I'm interested in events that are overseas, Canada, and of course within the States. Most of these type of functions are usually on either coast here in America (exceptions being some leather events that happen nation-wide...I'd be interested in those too) but some of you guys may have more knowledge about erotic art fairs (straight or gay) in your area. For instance, if I had done my homework, I'd have known about The Folsom Street Fair happening this week up in San Francisco. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can form a schedule for next year. Anyway, on to the, art!


Anonymous said...

Although I don't identify with the feeling much myself, "My Shame" is my favorite from this selection along with the deliciously hot "Lick It". Just makes my mouth water.

Belasco said...

Thanks, Ahtha, glad u like 'em...and again it was good meeting you at Tom of Finland the other weekend

Bjp said...

very sexy post