Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks to the Tom of Finland Foundation...

...For another amazingly successful Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair. The location, though more compact than previous years, really worked well for the crowds as far as parking and attendance. Hopefully we'll be staying there for future art fairs. It was great getting to see the artists I've worked the fair with over the years (going on ten years now! amazing!) as well as getting to connect with artists who are newer to the fair like a terrific artist from NY named Ingmar and the mack daddy of homoerotic art, the incredible Joe Philips. And of course the best thing about the fair is getting to meet my peeps (yes, I said 'peeps'...)who have supported me over the years like master photographer, Greg McNeal and a good friend from the Chicago dayz, Jongo. It was equally as nice meeting some of you who frequent my blog (Frank,Alex, Larry, Maurice, FreeLeo, and Ahtha...those are the ones at the top of my mind now, if I've forgotten anyone, feel free to read me later in the comments Another pleasant surprise was the attendance of Chris Dickerson, whom I met almost seven years ago at the Tom of Finland E.A.F. in New York City! Wonderful seeing you looking so good, Chris! And finally, a very special thanks to my helpers or co-conspirators who helped me sell this weekend, E.D. and Lil C! I would have been a basket case...(ok, MORE of a basket case) without your invaluable help.
For me, of the nicest aspects of the fair was the warm reception my change in drawing styles was met with. Everyone was very complimentary of it and I hadt a lot of different types of people responding to it than I've had in previous years. I think the style allows for more variety and the content doesn't seem quite as explicit, so people can see the quality of the art rather than the size of the penises, asses, etc. I guess I must be onto something since the sales were brisk. 'Course, everything was priced to move. I plan on making the sketches available on a separtate site in the near future, but until then, anyone who's interested in anything they see on this site can email me privately at and we can go from there.
Again, thanks for making this art fair and this year in general a great one for me creatively! Here are some sketches I did while meeting and greeting folks at the art fair.

Again, many thanks to the Tom of Finland Foundation for another successful erotic art fair!


googalicious said...

Glad to here it went well, though not surprised -- Diggin the new sketches, too.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I enjoyed the event, seeing all the different artistes display their wonderful works. Yet, Belasco you remain at the top of my list as one of the best. It was nice finally meeting the man behind the "men" (insert smirk + smile here). As always, I can't wait to see what you do next.

P.S. I really like "Body Karate", "He So Mascalin", and "Don't Walk Away Frum Me"... The last one reminds me of that old song by Jade, "Don't walk away boi... My love won't hurt you". (he-he').