Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thurs Evening Post


Bjp said...

wasup, this post is sexy

Anonymous said...

that first sketch has me so horny!!

fatboy60605 said...

Hey Man!
Your artwork turned me on to comics and I love your most of all. I hope you will publish more books in brief format or similiar to Brothers... I can't get over the Shorty Big Dick story. Anymore with him as the elad character? Of course I did buy your stuff, LOL, at least the Brothers... book

Belasco said...

Thanks...but are u referring to comics in general or erotic comics in particular? Either way, I'm I have some limited edtion booklets I need to make available through this site. I just have to figure out how to hook it up with Paypal. As far as a sequel to B.O.N.E. I've got more than enough material to make a sequel to that book and eventually I will. My A.D.D. gets in the way of such big projects that require that kind of focus. Anyone out there do book layout affordably? I wouldn't mind working with a graphic layout artist to make this happen faster than my learning the software would allow.
fbgb and curio, thanks for contributing as always!